Well Hello! Join me on my first test entry!

Hi there!

This is my first test entry to this blog, mostly to see how this website works and how to use it properly. I’m going to start posting more here as soon as my trip starts on December 1st. Writing this blog will be a challenge for me. Long-form, consistently published writing is something that I don’t have a lot of experience in. I also don’t consider myself particularly good at it. If the writing part fails, I will at least still be uploading pictures here.

I’m really excited for my trip and am determined to make this blog work.

If you want to hear more from my trip, you can subscribe to this blog via E-mail on the right sidebar. Also be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook, where I will be posting more short-term updates and so on. In the next few days I am going to show you my travel plans and what I’m bringing along with me. It would also be interesting to know what you would like to know. Please let me know down in the comments If there is anything in particular that you would like to see me try in Japan. Also if you have any recommendations on how to improve this website please let me know.

I will have to see how much editing to this site will be possible when I’m actually traveling. The problem will be that I’m only bringing an iPad along to write. Being my first test entry to this blog, the formatting of this entry is definitely subject to change. I definitely still have a lot to learn about writing a blog. I would be happy if you were to join me on this experience.

Until the next time, Felix Tham

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  1. Na das ist ja ein guter Start, wäre schön wenn du das durchhalten könntest. Viele Geschichten, Erinnerungen und Einsichten bleiben nur erhalten, wenn du dir die Mühe machst die irgendwo aufzuschreiben… also los gehts!

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