Nara – the City of Deer

This wednesday I went to the city of Nara with one of the volunteers from the guesthouse. It’s around an hour away from Kyoto and very easy to reach from Kyoto station. As soon as we arrived we were overwhelmed with the amount of deer merchandise. Deer shaped cookies, deer towels and literally everything else you can imagine. We started to walk towards the first park and it was quickly clear why. Just this small park in the middle of the city was already filled with deer.

We headed towards the Nara Park along with a lot of people and a lot of deer. We soon reached the gate of Todai-ji, Nandaimon Gate. It was destroyed by a typhoon and then rebuilt in 1203 and has been standing ever since. It was super impressive to see that through all the wear and tear it went through that it still stands today.

Then we went on to see the actual temple, which houses the biggest bronze buddha statue of the world. Just seeing the gigantic hall of this all-wood building (that’s right, not a single metal screw used) was so impressive and then the statue itself was just majestic.


We went on to explore the rest of the park, which there is quite a lot of.


Sadly since we went on a weekday everything closed very early and there wasn’t much left to do after the sun went down. I accidentally took the wrong train and ended up in Osaka but after wandering through the absolutely massive station there I managed to get back to Kyoto in one piece.

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  1. Durfte man den Buddah nicht fotografieren oder hat er einfach nicht aufs Bild gepasst?

    1. Einfach zu dunkel dafür

  2. I am SO jealous! I’m enthralled by your photos. Was just thinking the other night about how lovely it would be to be the only one in a Japanese restaurant at 8:08 (or whatever time it was). And to take the wrong train and end up in Osaka! Even your mishaps sound wonderful!

    Were you forbidden to take photos of the Buddha?

    1. It was just very difficult to take any pictures of the Buddha since it’s very dark in there, but it’s not forbidden 🙂

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